Jeffrey C. Shih

As a former public defender in Fresno, Jeff Shih is no stranger to the courtroom.  Today, as a member of the Benthale, McKibbin and McKnight team in Los Angeles, Jeff looks forward to defending his clients’ rights in court.

“My goal is to find the best possible solution for my clients and often that means intense negotiations with the applicant’s attorneys, which I also enjoy, but if a case does come to trial, I am ready, willing and able to defend. I guess I’m a courtroom kind of guy.”

Jeff developed that “go-to” attitude growing up in Huntington Beach, which can be a rough and tumble Southern California beach town.

“In a town like Huntington Beach, staying out of trouble is a priority if you’re going to succeed. Learning to get along with all kinds of different people growing up prepared me for my career and gave me a bit of an edge first as a public defender and now as an associate attorney in Workers’ Comp Defense.”

After graduating from the University of California Santa Barbara with a degree in English, Jeff decided to pursue a career in law. He attended the University of San Francisco Law School and after passing the bar got his feet wet in court as a public defender.

“It was interesting work. I defended all kinds of clients and got firsthand experience with jury trials, and appeals, but after awhile the downside of the criminal justice system started to weigh in, and I made a business decision to move on.”

Jeff found that his experience on the defense side of the aisle parlayed into a great foundation for Workers’ Comp Defense. He first joined a defense firm in Bakersfield, CA,  before finding a job closer to home in the San Fernando Valley. After several years of developing his skills, Jeff seized the opportunity to join Benthale, McKibbin and McKnight in the Los Angeles office.

“I enjoy the collegial atmosphere we have in the office and working in Los Angeles is great.”

Away from the office Jeff enjoys running, hiking and spending time with his dog, a Beagle named Peanut. “I also enjoy the city’s social scene and going to various events all over the city including comedy clubs, concerts, sporting events and even the theater.”

Over the years, he’s also volunteered as a tutor and mentor for School on Wheels, an advocacy program offering educational assistance for homeless children living in Southern California.

 “I enjoy giving back to the community and helping the disadvantaged children. Maybe there’s a part of me that just wants to make sure these kids don’t end up in the criminal justice system, but there’s also a real sense of helping to meet the needs of these kids. Education is the key to success and if I can help a couple of these kids, I consider that a good business decision.”